Privacy Policy

RIBOMIC Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) provides for the following Privacy Policy to ensure that personal information collected and retained by the Company in connection with the performance of business will be protected in a legal and appropriate manner and pursuant to legislation on the protection of personal information:

1. Purpose of collecting personal information

The Company will collect the necessary personal information to engage in the drug development business for the purposes set forth below:

(i) Personal information of healthcare practitioners and researchers

  • To implement the drug development business and clerical work and communications incidental thereto

(ii) Personal information of shareholders

  • To fulfill obligations to, and for the exercise of the rights of shareholders under legislation
  • To implement every measure to smooth the relationship between shareholders and the Company
  • To manage shareholders, including through the creation of data on shareholders based on the standards prescribed under any kind of concerned laws, regulations and rules

(iii) Personal information of customers

  • To enable the Company to contact customers
  • To examine, investigate, and respond to consultations and inquiries from customers
  • To exercise rights and fulfill obligations to the customers under the law or contracts with customers
  • To perform the Company’s business appropriately and smoothly
  • To respond to inquiries, etc.

(iv) Personal information of the media, investors, and others

  • To provide information on PR and IR

(v) Personal information for recruitment

  • To screen job candidates and develop communications for such screening

(vi) Personal information of employees

  • To manage personnel and labor affairs

(vii) Personal information of retirees

  • To provide information to retirees and contact them

2. Collection and use of personal information

The Company prohibits collecting personal information by illegal means. If personal information is required for any other purpose than as specified above, the Company will notify the person concerned or announce it in advance in accordance with laws, regulations and rules.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

Without the consent of the person concerned, the Company will not provide the collected personal information to any third party, except where provided under laws, regulations and rules or there are other justifiable grounds. When the Company provides or entrusts personal information to a client, joint researcher, service consignee, licensee, or other third party in connection with the business of the Company, the Company will implement the necessary measures to ensure that such third party will appropriately manage the personal information so provided or entrusted.

4. Management of personal information

The Company will implement the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, loss, and other accidents of personal information retained by us and will keep the information accurate and up to date.

5. Disclosure, correction and discontinuation of use of personal information

If the person concerned makes a request concerning personal information retained by the Company, including discontinuance of use, correction of contents, and disclosure, the Company will respond to it and implement the necessary measures without delay in accordance with laws, regulations and rules.

6. Management system of personal information

The Company will have the Chief Privacy Officer to protect personal information under the president and CEO in accordance with laws, regulations and rules and the Personal Information Management Code.

7. About cookies

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8. About links from this website

Please note that the Company cannot control, and will not undertake any responsibility for, the handling of personal information on other websites linked from this website.

9. Revision

In the case of important revisions to the Privacy Policy, the Company will announce it on the website.